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About Our Safety Training & Driving Instruction

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Click Here for the state's Registry Motor Vehicle Website

A-L&L Driving Academy offers proper safety training on all the outlines set forth by the Registry of Motor Vehicle. This training provides safety on the roads in your vehicle. We also offer classroom sessions that strengthen confidence and driving abilities. When our Students leave our Academy, they will have mastered the basics of driving and safety laws.

What We Learn in Class:

  • The laws of the state pertaining to driving.
  • The rules of the road such as right-of-way situations, speed limits, accident procedures, vehicle maintenance, social pressures, risk management, basic driving skills, and sharing the road.
  • Vehicle maneuvering such as how to turn, park, reverse, 3-point turns, leaving and entering traffic, accelerations and decelerations, steering the car, and proper passing techniques.

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